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Has the expertise to design and fully install and equip your aquarium and pond, having 25 years of knowledge of pond and aquarium (tropical and marine) inhabitants and equipment.

  • dupondandtankservices will bring your dream tank or pond alive.

           Here are some features of our instalation services:

  1. Fibreglass - dupondandtankservices can construct the ideal pond in  fibreglass for longlasting and the ideal koi pond
  2. Design - fully design of your inquired system
  3. Equipment - we can install the equipment you desire for your system. Including, lights, pumps, filters, skimmers, reactors and all the pipework
  4. Aquascape service - we can deliver a professional service with rocks, wood, plants and corals    
  5. Stocking service - dupondandtankservices can if required introduce any livestock after tank or pond is matured fish, corals and plants
  6. Maintenance and cleaning service - we offer a service to keep your pond or  tank in perfect health giving our customers the expertise and  personalized help every step of the way 
  • ANY INQUIRIES OR QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT US on 07463899965 or email yvan.dupon@icloud.com                                    



We are located at: Nothfleet Kent

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